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About JDP


Photography has always been something that fascinated me and continues to be a beloved hobby, not just my profession. When I first realized that I wanted to take photography seriously, I wasn’t in the best financial position to attend school for it. Instead, I dove head first into the work force. I worked in a lab and learned about film processing and printing. Later on, I took a job as an assistant to a local wedding photographer. I just loved watching the photographer in action. I learned as much as possible and was so excited to be getting paid for doing something that I instinctively loved! That is where I realized how it could all come together…and Jessica Doherty Photography was born!


I have now been in business on my own, shooting weddings for over 16 years. I have been blessed with being able to create special memories for over 200 clients.


I take great pride in my work and will stay up all hours of the night to complete my proofs after a wedding. Shooting wedding is not just a job, it is an honor. I love seeing the photographs almost as much as the bride and groom.



About My Technique

It seems like the big word these days is “photojournalistic”. I take that approach most of the day, but I don’t call myself a true photojournalist. While I’m photographing, I always help my clients look their best. That may be turning just a certain way, or using a fill flash. I understand, the formal photographs are what most couples dread. I work as quickly as possible and try to get everyone back to the party to where they can enjoy themselves.


Other than the formal photos, I shoot everything candidly. I love to be ignored! I tend to capture more of the true feeling that everyone has when they forget that I am there. During the ceremony, I get the most intimate shots as I possibly can without being intrusive. I use available light whenever possible, which shows the scene more true to life. I love to photograph all the details that you spend so much time coordinating. I won’t stop the day from it’s natural course. For instance, I won’t interrupt the first dance, or the parent dances just to get the couple to “look at the camera and smile”. That is so boring and unnatural to me. I would much rather capture the look on the grooms face as he dances with his new wife, or the bride as she holds her dad tightly.


What To Expect

You will always speak with me directly. I take a lot of time to answer emails and return calls to connect with each client. Communication is key. It is so important that we are comfortable and that we understand each other. I feel being someone’s wedding photographer is a very personal job, as I plan to be with clients for 6-8 hours on their most important day.


I recently decided to no longer meet with clients at my home office. Changes in the business, as well as changes in my family's needs, guided me to make that decision. Most of the clients I spoke with, initially asked to speak via skype, or to talk on the phone first. I realized, they had already decided that they liked my work, based on what they had already seen, but now they needed to get to know me more to see if we were a good fit. I meet local to Plymouth in coffee shops and sometimes can meet you at your venue.


I take on a limited amount of weddings each year, not only because I’m a mom, but to help prevent me from “burning out” on weddings. Please try to book at least one year in advance.